what to do when everything goes wrong

What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong 🤕

Life goes very fast... what it is today, it probably won't be tomorrow. These changes can take you to situations in where everything goes wrong, or that's what you think 🤔

In this post, what you should do when everything goes wrong!

Why is Everything going Wrong?

You may often have the feeling that things are going wrong. You don’t like your job, your projects keep failing, and you don’t see progress in the gym…

Why is everything going wrong? What have you done so bad so things don’t go as you planed?


You don’t have full control on your outcomes

You like it or not, not everything is in your hands. There are other external factors you cannot control.

These factors often play a role in your life, and when they do, the outcome of your action is a result of you and your environment.

Pessimistic Thinking

There’s a tendency to believe the worst will end up happening.

It’s much easier to hope for the worst, than expect the best and crash yourself on the way.

Is everything going wrong, or is it you thinking everything goes wrong?

How Should You React when Things Go Wrong?

Your brain feels when you make a mistake, and sends a signal to your body within miliseconds (1)

You know when everything goes wrong. Why the f*ck don’t you do anything to change it?


Most of the times this is not a matter of everything going wrong, but of reacting to the situation and making the “bad” an opportunity to grow and learn from it.

It’s not the action itself, but the reaction.

Everything is going wrong, but why? Note the cause of the situation, and learn from it

React and overcome the situation by strengthening your mentality. Work on your resilience.

What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Everything goes wrong, and you have to react.

What should you do? How should you react in these situations?


Listen To Yourself

If there’s someone that knows yourself, that’s you.

Your body will tell you what to do when everything goes wrong. Follow your gut and act according to what it’s telling you

Listen to yourself and discover the tools you can use when everything goes wrong.

Calm Down and Take a Deep Breath

Taking a few deep breaths can help you take the right decision when everything goes wrong.

Go to a quiet space, close your eyes, and control your breathing.

Feel the air flowing through your nose, throat, and all the way to your lungs.

Notice how your lungs are filled of fresh air. Open your eyes, and you’ll see how everything is not as bad as you thought

You are now looking at the situation from another perspective; from the real perspective.


Remember Everything Ends

Nothing is forever. Everything has a start and end.

If everything goes wrong, don’t worry. That’s not going to be like that for the rest of your life.

Life is stages. Although some stages may seem worse than others, they are essential for your development and growth.

If everything goes wrong, there must be a reason.

What if you had to deal with this for a long time? What if you needed this to evolve and develop the inner you?

Believe in Yourself

Self confidence gives you a realistic believe of achieving success. It puts on the table all your abilities and skills to use when everything goes wrong

The more self confident, the stronger you will tackle the situation, and the earlier you will get away from it.

Believe in yourself and act with strength and decision

Empower your Resilience

Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events.

Resilience is your way to go when everything goes wrong. It gives you the power to adapt to new situations and make the needed change to take some profit out of it.

Resilience changes your perspective. It gives you strength, power… it pursues change.

When everything goes wrong, be resilient and go for a change in your life.

Make it an Opportunity to Change

What if this could be an opportunity to seek change?

If it seems like everything goes wrong, it’s because your subsconscious is not comfortable with your current life.

Change! Make changes in your life and convert the “everything goes wrong” into “everything needs to change”.

Be proactive, and take it as an opportunity to grow and evolve in life


Look Back at the Past

This is not the first time you feel everything goes wrong.

It often happens when you go through stressful situations and you deal with a lot of things at the same time.

Look back at your past, and remember what you did to get out of that sh*thole.

What did you do when everything went wrong?

Use it as an insipiration, and deal with it.


Think Positively

Your thoughts become your believes, and these shape your reality.

If you think positively, you will feel happier... and what everything seemed to go wrong will go away.

The power of your mind is still uncharted. Get deep inside and use it to overcome difficulties in your life.

Focus on what’s real

Your mind may have made everything up. Things are not as bad as you thought, and not everything goes wrong.

Instead of putting all your attention on what’s going wrong, focus on your real life. Focus on what matters and leave the sh*t behind.


Ask for a Third Opinion

Your own opinion is often misleading and subjective. You are biased by what you believe as good for you, and that can often create noise over what you should do when everything goes wrong.

Ask for a third opinion to those that know you best. Family, life partner, close friends..

Explain your situation and let them help you.

Take it Step by Step

When it seems like everything goes wrong, it’s most likely a problem of how you have trained your mind.

Don’t pretend to fix the problem overnight. Shaping your believes and training your mind takes time.

Take it step by step, and you’ll see how everything goes back to normal.


Often, it seems like everything goes wrong. Your job, your family, your friends… but none of this is real. Your pessimistic way of thinking, and the tendency to think everything is in your control is what leads you to this situation.

In this post, eleven things to do when everything goes wrong. Apply them, and you’ll see giant changes in your life.

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