old school bodybuilders

How Did Old School Bodybuilders Build Muscle?

Old school bodybuilders didn't have the machines nor the knowledge we have today available. Despite that fact, they still found ...
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the three key elements of fitness

The Three Key Elements of Fitness

Fitness is a state of health and well being. The key elements of fitness are proper nutrition, moderate physical exercise, ...
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best supplements to build muscle

The 8 Best Supplements to Build Muscle

Training, nutrition, and sleep are three main legs to build muscle. However, supplements can help you reach your goals when ...
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what regulates mechanical tension for muscle hypertrophy

What Regulates Mechanical Tension?

Mechanical tension is the main mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy… but what regulates mechanical tension? In this post, we'll review what ...
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the science behind muscle hypertrophy

The Science Behind Muscle Hypertrophy

What happens in your body when you go to the gym? How do you build muscle? In this post, we ...
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bodybuilding for women

The Ultimate Guide to Bodybuilding for Women

Few decades ago, bodybuilding was a sport solely for men. Nowadays, 10% of the competition is characterized by the women ...
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