TIPS to have a healthy christmas

TIPS to Have a Healthy Christmas Holidays🎄

Christmas Holidays are a minefield of delicious food, cosy drinks, and a lot of festivities. The average person gains 500% more weight during Holidays than in any other season of the year. In this post, we give you some TIPS to stay healthy during Christmas Holidays!

The weeks before Christmas mark one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Full of excitement, christmas markets, christmas shopping, and a lot of preparation for the big days.

Here are some TIPS to follow to prepare a healthy and sustainable Christmas Holidays

TIPS to Stay Healthy Before Christmas

  • Let excitement out
  • Don’t leave things for last minute
  • Plan the Holidays Season
  • Do Christmas Shopping Beforehand
  • Prepare a Wishlist

Let Excitement Out

A lot of people love the christmas seasons. Holidays, family time, gifts, delicious food,… and it’s is absolutely normal to feel excited about it.

Don’t keep the excitement in. Allow yourself to be excited and let it out.

Letting out your emotions may help you relief and create stronger bonds with those around you (study). During stressful preparative week, showing excitement and joy will cover the negative emotions.

Don’t Leave Things For Last Minute

We tend to leave things for the very last minute. In an act of over trusting our abilities to decide and prepare, we see ourselves at the last day struggling to find the perfect gift, plan, or meal.

If you want a healthy christmas, don’t leave things for last minute. Prepare as much as you can beforehand and don’t let stress take over you.


Plan the Holidays Season

Christmas Holidays is roughly three weeks of the entire year. Due to the fairly short time it covers, you will be interested on getting the most out of it.

To fully enjoy Christmas Holidays, you need to plan beforehand. Planning will allow you to do as much as possible, enjoy it much more, and not worrying about what to do at each moment.

A bit of planning, not only in Christmas, but in general, can help you be more effective and productive when the time comes.

Do Christmas Shopping in November

November is seen as “the boring month” between Halloween and Christmas. Nothing is going on during this month… is it?

At the end of November, a great American invention takes place. Yes, I’m talking about the Black Friday!

Huge discounts, pre-sale offers, and a massive way of capitalism and purchase of goods. And this is your moment to do the Christmas shopping!

Prepare a Wishlist

Having a Wishlist is a great tool to reach your expectations for the Holiday season and enjoy it as ever before.

With a Wishlist, you will know what you want, and what to do to achieve it. Once again, a bit of planning can largely improve the Christmas season.

During Christmas

The Christmas season is officially open, and with it the Christmas carols, family dinners, delicious foods, and many grateful experiences.

The next tips will help you stay on track and enjoy the holidays while having a healthy Christmas!

TIPS to Stay Healthy During Christmas

  • Enjoy the Social Time
  • Stay active
  • Sleep enough
  • Make smart food choices
  • Don’t Go Hungry to Dinner

Enjoy the Social Time

Christmas is time to socialize, to spread joy over your dearest, to re-meet old friends and spend some time with those you love the most.

Socializing can help you improve your mental health and bring memories from your past life; and Christmas is the season to do so.

Enjoy the social time, maintain healthy conversations with your family, your friends, your life partner,…

Stay Active

With all the festivities it’s sometimes hard to stay on track and keep up with your training routine. But if you want a healthy christmas, you need to stay active.

If the gym is far away and you don’t dispose the time, or simply don’t feel like going to the gym during Christmas season, there are many other options to stay active and healthy.

Train at home, plan physical activities with your family, go for hikes, walk, go jogging,… the excuse is to stay active and maintain your health up.

Sleep Enough

Training, nutrition, and sleep are the three key elements of health and fitness. If you want to stay healthy during Christmas season, remember to sleep enough.

Health institutions recommend 7-9h of sleep daily. This will help you fully recover from all the festivities, parties, and physical activity you may have during Christmas.


Make Smart Food Choices

Having a huge table full of delicious food doesn’t mean you have to try simply everything. Selecting the food you eat can definitely make a difference on how healthy you stay during Christmas.

Fill you up with veggies and high-protein foods. This will help you stay full for longer and less food in your stomach.

Put food quality over quantity, and don’t start eating like a gross predator. Take it easy and eat only what you can, not what you want.

Don’t Go Hungry to Dinner

One mistake people often make is to skip meals willing to balance the upcoming dinner.

However, the reality is that this strategy will only make it worse. Going hungry to the dinner will make you go crazy with food, not enjoy the company around you, and start eating like a crazy cheetah.

Don’t skip any meals before the dinner and make sure you are not too hungry by the time you get to your family/friend’s house.

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After Christmas

Christmas is over, and it’s time to go back on track… With these TIPS, we help you get back into the gym and stay healthy after the Christmas Season

TIPS to Stay Healthy After Christmas

  • Don’t wait until January
  • Don’t overthink
  • Set New Year’s resolution
  • Make a Training Program
  • Expand Your Knowledge

Don’t Wait Until January

Although Christmas is officially over the 26th of December, most people elongate the Christmas season until the first week of January.

To stay healthy and avoid excess weight gain during Christmas, go back to your routine as soon as possible. Don’t wait until January to make the change!

Don’t Overthink

Christmas is often ruled by excess food, procrastination, laziness, and a lot of alcohol in between. Whatever you did, done it is.

Overthinking and going over it many times will only bring negative emotions. If it’s done, you cannot change it.

Don’t overthink it, and assume you did it. The best you can do in this case is to move on and learn from your mistakes

Set your New Year’s Resolution

Christmas marks the end of the year,… and beginning of the next one. Take the time to set your new year’s resolution and face the new year with a brand new face.

What do you expect from this upcoming year? What are your goals to achieve?

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Make a Training Program

New year, new goals,… and new training program. Going to the gym without training program is like reading a book blind.

You can try, but you will be missing a lot of things on the way. Make a training program and start changing your physique and losing all the weight you may have gained over the Christmas Season

Expand your Knowledge

New Year’s is about taking the lead and motivating yourself to learn new things, to keep expanding your knowledge.

To do so in the fitness community, we have an online course with more than 2h of videoclasses to teach you how to make a training program, create your own diet, and maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle over time.

If not now… when will you change?


Christmas is a beautiful season, but also dangerous when it comes to staying healthy. Delicious food, procrastination, a lot of parties and drinks…

If you want to stay healthy during Christmas, you need to work on it before, during, and after the Christmas season. Prepare the holidays, enjoy the social life, go back on track as soon as possible, set new goals for the next year,… and much more we discussed in the post!!

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