ultimate workout program for beginners

The Ultimate Workout Program for Beginners

A lot of workout programs out there…. but a only a very few are worth a try. The TBS workout program is the ultimate training program for beginners. Take the first steps with us!

What is a workout program?

A workout program is a detailed planification of physical exercises and how such exercises should be performed.

Such training program will be the guide during your fitness career; it will tell you what and how to do it. Starting a fitness program may be hard, but once you figure out your training program, the quality of your trainings will rise tremendously.

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Why do you need a workout program?

A workout program is one of the key pieces to build muscle and work on your physique. It will be the road to success, making the workout sessions optimal and much more efficient.

Having a workout program can help you evaluate the progress, achieve your goals, organize your week, make the process more enjoyable, and optimize the results.

If you want to build muscle fast and efficiently, you should definitely consider having a workout program.

Especially for beginners, having a workout plan can be one of the best things to do.

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What to Include in a Workout Program

Making a good workout program can be hard and time consuming. In the next 3 min we discuss the essentials of a complete workout program for beginners!


Overall Plan

A workout program is a nonsense if there are no goals to achieve. The first thing to include in a workout program is to set the start point and end goals.

Having these two set, you can now start filling other aspects of the workout program.


Exercises are the HOW of your WHY. Depending on the exercise you include in your workout program, you will be training your body in a different manner. This will have a big impact on your resulting physique.

Including the right exercises in your training program is key for achieving a complete and well-done plan for beginners. Take advantage of the wide spectrum of exercises, and keep those you feel best with.

Training Variables

In resistance training there are three main variables to consider.

Resistance Training Variables

  • Intensity: how close to muscle failure are you working?
  • Volume: how much are you working out?
  • Frequency: how often are you training each muscle group?

These intensity, volume, and frequency are the core of your workout program. They will set up the difficulty and intensity of the training.

Playing with the training variables will enable you to optimize your results. Find your “sweet spot” and build muscle fast and efficiently.

Progression Model

Your body adapts to new situations, and once adapted, there are no further muscle gains.

To avoid this, you can gradually increase the training variables in your training program to keep building muscle and increasing your muscle strength.

A progressive overload model should be included in your training program. This is, increasing the training variables in a weekly basis to make sure you don’t fully adapt to the stimulus given.

The Ultimate Workout Program for Beginners

There are infinite number of workout programs out there… but very few are worth a try. They are made for a general population, with no goal nor sense. They include general recommendations and are far from being optimal.

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The TBS Workout Program offers 16-weeks of high quality workouts specifically made for fitness beginners.

With this workout program you will have everything you need to take your first steps at the gym. A complete guide with exercises, techniques, and a progression model to perfectly build muscle over time.

For the price of a beer you will be able to take the first steps at the gym... can it get cheaper than that?

Now it is up to you to decide what you want. Destroy your body, or take care of your physical and mental health and start your fitness journey!

What does the TBS Workout Program Include?

The TBS workout program comes in a very easy and simple to use manner. All gathered in an excel workbook, you will have everything at your disposal from any device.

In the excel workbook you will have access to the different proposed workouts and a video library of all the exercises included in the training program. It also comes with a week planner and strength journal to evaluate the progress over the weeks.


A workout program is a detailed planification of physical exercises and how such exercises should be performed. To make a good workout program one should include the goal, exercise selection, training variables, and a progressive overload model.

The TBS workout program offers you 16 weeks of complete workouts for the price of a beer. The best way to take the first steps at the gym!

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