pros and cons of using supplementation for weight loss

Pros and Cons of Using Supplementation for Weight Loss

Everyone wants to lose weight and improve their physique. And the fast track is to use supplementation for weight loss.

What are the advantages of using supplements for weight loss? Should you do it? If so, what supplements should you buy?

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Supplementation for weight loss is often the first choice for a lot of people. The claim for “take this and you’ll lose weight” is much easier and promising than saying “diet for months and you’ll lose weight”

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But supplementation shouldn’t be the base of your weight loss journey.

Instead, you should focus on building good dietary habits and following a correct nutrition. This is the most important aspect to start losing weight (2)

The Main Supplements for Weight Loss

There are hundreds of different supplements for weight loss out there... and only a very few work.

These are the most effective and safe supplements for weight loss: 

  • Caffeine: 3-6mg/kg
  • EGCG: 300-800mg
  • P-Synephrine: 10-20mg twice a day
  • Nicotine: gums of 2mg
  • Capsaicin: 12-30mg
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Pros of Using Supplementation for Weight Loss

Some supplements for weight loss are effective and safe. Using the correct supplements, on the correct amount and timing, can help you reach your goals and lose weight.

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Can Make you Win the Competition

Supplements, if planned carefully, can set the difference between first and second position.

Supplements can help you burn the remaining 5% nutrition and training can't cover. Play with the right cards, and the game is yours.

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Create commitment

The most important advantage of using supplementation for weight loss is not its effect on your organism, but the effect in your mind.

Using supplementation for weight loss puts money on the table. And when there’s money in between, your commitment and motivation rocket up.

Test it yourself. Buy one of the supplements I mentioned above, and see how taking it can motivate and set you on the right track to lose weight and achieve your goals.


May Supress Appetite

Some of the supplementation for weight loss works by supressing your appetite (3).

This can help you when you start struggling with food and hunger. This can come very handy on late stages of the weight loss journey.

The less hungry you are, the less you eat. And the less you eat, the easier is to be in a calorie deficit


Helps you Get Started

Beginnings are always tough and slow. It takes time to get started, and using supplementatscan help you jump off the roof and dive into the pool.

If you are overweight, or have problems losing weight, using supplementation for weight loss may be a good start point.

Improves your Health

The main purpose of dietary supplements is to complement a healthy nutrition and improve your health.

The supplements mentioned act as antioxidant (4), help you achieve metabolic flexibility (5), or even stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonine (6).

Cons of using supplementation for weight loss

We've seen the advantages and benefits of using supplementation for weight loss... but not everything is going to be white here.

There are some disadvantages and potential issues you should consider when using supplementation for weight loss. Scroll down and keep reading!

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It’s expensive

Main and most obvious disadvantage of using supplements... the price!

Supplements are expensive. The high demand puts business in a juicy situation, and they want money; as much as possible.

So the easiest way to increase the profit is increasing the price of the product.... great right?


May Shadow Nutrition

Using supplementation may shadow the effect and importance of nutrition.

Taking supplements may hiddent the effect of a well balanced nutrition. Supplementation is at the peak of the pyramid, and at the end of the day it onlya accounts for a small part of the process.

Nutrition Pyramid

Some supplements have potential side effects

There are some potential side effects you must consider. Any supplement interacting with the central nervous system is at risk of hyperactivating it and suffering of shakiness, fast heart rate, insommnia... (7)

The side effects are real. Talk with your doctor about using supplementation for weight loss and listen to what he/she has to tell you.

Regulation and anti-doping test

If you want to compete in bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting,... or any other sport in professional scale, you will be going through anti-doping tests quite often.


Natural supplementation is mostly permitted in all sports, and you wouldn’t have problems with that. But using very large doses, or using non-permmited supplements may bring some problems. And if you are tested positive... bye bye competition.


Supplementation for weight loss is a preferred choice by many to help them achieve their goals... but it comes with its consequences

In this post, we have seen the advantages and disadvantages of using supplements to help you lose weight.

Now, you have everything you need to make your own assesment and evaluate whether you want to spend your money on supplements, or not. 

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