habits to boost productivity

6 Habits to Boost your Productivity

Productivity is on the order of the day. The more productive, the better employee, entrepreneur, and person (or that is ...
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what is money featured image

What Is Money? Functions, Types, and History

Most people consider money the most important aspect of their life. Without a clear understanding of what money is, the ...
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the three key elements of fitness

The Three Key Elements of Fitness

Fitness is a state of health and well being. The key elements of fitness are proper nutrition, moderate physical exercise, ...
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The Importance of Proactivity in Life

Proactivity is the order of the day. Everyone talks about proactivity, and everyone wishes to be proactive. What is proactivity? ...
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daily actions to live a happier life

13 Daily Actions to Live a Happier Life 😁

Long lasting happiness begins with daily satisfaction and gratitude. In this post, we share 13 daily actions we believe will ...
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what is happiness

What is Happiness and How to Achieve It

One of the main purposes of life is to seek and achieve happiness. But life is not easy, and being ...
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