Person's abilities are not created from nowhere. You need to spend time on them. You need to learn them. They are not going to come out from the inner you for no reason.

Yes, you can be more adapted to certain fields, or it could be easier for you to learn certain things, but you still have to make the effort and do the sacrifice.

What's the most important when we are working in ourselves?

Going for something. If we don't have goals, where are we aiming? If we don't have goals, why are we doing what we are doing?

Goals is giving some sense to our actions. Setting goals gives motivation, gives willingness, and put the subject in a better perspective of what to achieve it.

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Personal development is composed by any activity performed to improve any capability or enhance any aspect of your life.

In other words, is trying to become better and better every day. That's the ultimate goal. Being better everyday; progress. We all should aim for becoming our own best. But before that, the process should be month by month; week by week; day by day.

Wake up and try to be better than yesterday. Go to bed that same day thinking about what you hae done to achieve that. Have you accomplished it?


If you assume that success exists, then there will be a point in your life in where everything will go down. 'Success', as I understand, refers to the peak of every aspect of your life. Family, work, personal projects, friends,... and everyone knows that after the peak, there's only one way; falling down.


The human is a routine being. We are built in a society in where routine is above everything. Wake up, have breakfast, go to work, get some free time in the afternoon and go to bed... and all over again every day.

We need to have a routine. We need to know what to do at all times. And that's why organization and habits are important.


Time is limited, but it's not the same for everyone. One hour for some people can mean everything, while for others is just one more episode of a meaningless TV show.

You decide what to do with your time, but do it wisely. It is what it is. Time is limited, and it cannot be exchanged.

Habits are the main tool to use time wisely. Know exactly what to do at all times. These would be an easy step by step on how to build habits:

  1. Write you priority list. How much time do you wanna spend on each activity?
  2. Give some time for everything. E.g. half an hour for a), two hours for family, six hours for work,...
  3. Distribute your activities throughout the day.
  4. Don't forget to save some time for yourself.


TIP nº1: Start small

Willpower is like muscle. If you train too hard from the beginning it gets fatigued very easily. Start with the minimum you want to do for each habit and make progress every once in a while

TIP nº2: Keep track

Calendar is your best friend. Keep track of your habits throughout the days. It's alright if you fail one day, but go back on track the next day.

TIP nº3: Split your habits

If you get to the point in where it's too much time at once to keep doing a habit, split it into two sessions, or take a break in between.

TIP nº4: Be patient

Patience is one of the best qualities when it comes to habit building. Don't expect to get results the day after. Doing 1% everyday will take you to achieving the 100% sooner than later.

TIP nº5: Enjoy the process

The final result means nothing if you were not enjoying the process. Set a goal that involves building an enjoyable habit.



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