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Is Time Management Important? – All You Should Know about Productivity

All our days have 24h, and we can't change that. However, we can change the way we use those 24h to get the most out of it. When it comes to productivity and personal development, time management is a key aspect to consider. But, if you are still in doubt; Is it time management important?

In this post we'll give a brief overview of what time management is, the importance of using your wisely and basic tools to apply it in your daily life. Ready to hit it?


First of all, we should all have clear what this concept refers to. What is time management?:

Process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities (source)

Time management is important to increase effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of your daily activities. It enables us to use our time wisely and perform the same activities in a shorter length of time. In the long term, tthis can take you to acommplish bigger and more ambitious goals and activities.

As the word states, we need to manage our time. Looking at it as a system, time is aided by a range of skills, tools and techniques. The implementation of these will improve time effectiveness and productivity.

Basics of Time Management

The strategies used here depend on the subject, their lifestyle and way of acting and behaving. However, there's a common consensus of 'musts' to follow.

Create an effective environment

Your surroundings influence your actions. If you are able to create an effective environment, it will be easier to manage your time efficiently and be more productive on your daily activities.

Start by putting the phone on silence mode, setting up periods of time of 30min divided by 5min break to do your activity (Pomodoro technique), and avoid any other distraction for those 30min.

Set Your Priorities

If you are aware of your priorities, you'll be able to manage your time more efficiently. Set a priority list and make sure you do your top priorities earlier on the day.

Once you have the priority list ready, you can now divide your time efficiently to perform all the activities you need to do.

Make it a habit

Self discipline is key to achieve a high degree of time management. If we make something a habit, we can do it daily without losing motivation. As J.Clear refers to in his book Atomic Habits, automatization of an activity makes it easier to convert it into a habit. And habits are our friends when it comes to managing your time. They leave less room to procrastinate and fill up our days to use time wisely.

Time Management 2 (1)


Now that we know a little bit more about what time management is and some key aspects of this concept, it's time to question ourselves: Is Time Management Important?

Time management increases efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. It enables us to use our time wisely and achieve more in a shorter period of time. Not only that, but it is also important for personal development and growth. We feel happier and more satisfied with our achievements (study)

During the rest of the post, we'll present the main benefits of time management. After going through them, we'd like you to stop 5min and answer to this questions:

Am I managing my time wisely? If not, what can I do to improve that?

Is Time Management Important?

  1. Improves academic performance
  2. Produces better project outcomes
  3. Reduces your stress
  4. Boosts self confidence
  5. Shapes your "mode of working"
  6. Boosts satisfaction and happiness
  7. Better work-life balance
  8. Reach ambitious goals
  9. Prevents procrastination
  10. Trains your discipline

Improves Academic Performance

Everyone has been a student at some point. Loads of homework, studying for exams, social life, extra-curricular acitivities,... and all of that with the hope to retain the basic knowledge to pass the subject.

Cognitive demands on subjects studying is high. In this study, researchers found a perfect correlation between degree of time management and scholar grades (study). Not only that, but the group with management skills also showed to reduce anxiety and stress levels, and to find a better balance between studies and day-to-day life.

In this other study, the students who were more aware of their time resulted in higher grades (study). After discussing this, we can answer the question:

+ Is time management important for academic performance?

- Yes. It leads to higher grades, better life balance, less anxiety and stress and more awareness over your time.

Produces Better Project Outcomes

Better time management results in better project outcomes. Although that's all empirical data, we can say with certainty that those that manage their time well will produce a better outcome than those that do not.

It also allows you to fully focus on your project during the time frame you have given on a certain day. If we don't give that frame, risk of procrastination is high, and we are not motivated to work on it because we have all time in the world.

On the other hand, if we have set 1h to work on our projects, that hour will be enough for you to fully focus, make advances, improve, and move onto the next activity.

+ Is managing your time important for project outcomes?

- Definitely. It improves time efficiency, motivation to work hard during a certain period of time, and allows you to finish before the deadline to have margin of error to keep improving.

Reduces Stress Levels

Projects and studies can get really stressful if we don't know how to manage them. Work keeps building up and it seems as if it's never going to end.

You may have come across the situation in where the work you were doing didn't feel like making any advanced. In fact, it just messed up everything and made you even more stressed.

Time management can help you on that. In this study, they concluded that better management skills decreased stress and anxiety levels (study). When you know how to manage your time, you are more aware of your activities and the progress in general. Having more control over the process improves stress levels, efficiency and ability to react and make changes to keep improving.

+ Is time management important to reduce stress and anxiety?

- Yes. Research has found time management skills to reduce stress and anxiety on school students with high work loads.

Boosts your self confidence

Self Confidence enables us to put apptitudes into play to reach goals (read more HERE). Managing your side, on its hand, can help you be more aware of those apptitudes and capabilites.

Time management trains your discipline and apptitudes. It makes you realize what your capabilities are and who you want to become. Learn how to manage your time requires of a priority list, and the priority list makes you realize what you are more interested on and which are your future perspectives. That will boost your self confidence to achieve your goals.

In this study, they found a correlation between time management and self confidence (study). Managing your time improved self confidence on academic performance, and self confidence reciprocally led to better time control.

+ Is managing your time important to boost self confidence?

- Yes. It improves self confidence by training your discipline and putting the priority list on the table.

Shapes your 'mode of working'

Some people can simply not work. They are distracted with anything and are not able to focus. They usually leave the activites that require some degree of focus and effort for the end of the day and keep postponing it until it's too late.

Time management can shape your mode of working. It determines how you work and improves time efficiency. If you are able to manage your time, you'll be in a favourable situation to work better.

It can also help you build a routine, and we work better under routines (study). If we are able to build a routine, time will be more efficient and we'll get more things done in a shorter period of time.

+ Is time management important for work?

- Yes, it builds a routine and makes your work more efficient. It alo helps you shaping your 'mode of working'.

Boosts Satisfaction and Happiness

How many times have you felt like you had thrown your day out by not doing anything useful?

Time management makes you happier. It rises your levels of satisfaction and awareness of the improvements you are doing over time. It enables you to make your efficiently use your time to have some more time to 'enjoy life'.

In this study made with busy young adults, the researchers found a direct correlation between time management and happiness. Those with better management skills said to be happier and more satisfied at work (study).

+ Is time management important to be happy?

Yes. It makes you happier and more satisfied. It gives you a better insight of your improvements and development over time.

Finds a Balance on your Life

Work can be your 24/7 life if you don't know how to manage your time wisely (E.g: Having to work at home because you haven't finished your daily tasks). Time management skills can help you finishing your tasks on time to go home with no more work to do.

Time management, can, then, help you finding a right work-life balance. During this test performed with music educators, they found a correlation between time management skills and work-life balance (study).

Is time management important for your life balance?

Yes. It enables you to use your time wisely and improve your work-life balance.

Helps you reach Ambitious Goals

Noone can argue that ambitious goals require of discipline, motivation, and time management. If you want something big, you need to work alike and make efforts of the same size as your goal.

If you don't know how to use your time wisely, you'll probably achieve your goal at some point. However, it will be rather much later, and who knows if already too late.

If you are able to manage your time wisely, you'll aso be able to organize your activities better, use your time more efficiently and have a broader range to make mistakes and be able to correct them.

+ Is time management important to reach ambitious goals?

Yes. Ambitious goals require of a lot of effort, dedication, discipline and time management.

Prevents procrastination

Procrastination is defined as the action of delaying or postponing something. Time management provides you with enough skills to reduce and remove procrastination.

Organizing your day gives you a better overview of what you have to do at each moment, which forces you to do everything at the time period you have allocate it at.

+ Is time management important to prevent procrastination?

Yes, it gives you the skills to reduce and/or remove totally procrastination in your life.

Trains our Discipline

Discipline, together with motivation and confidence, are three basics of personal development.

Time management, on its hand, builds your self discipline (more about it HERE). Being able to organize your day comes together with more discipline and willpower to complete your daily 'to-do'. Again, this is about being aware of what you have to do at each moment.

+ Is time management important to be disciplined?

- Yes. It's a great tool to boost your discipline and willpower.

Is Time Management Important?


Time management is the ability to plan and control the time spent on specific activities. It increases effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of your daily activities.

During this post, we reviewed 10 reasons why time management is important. To improve study performance, reduce stress and anxiety levels, reach a better work-life balance, be happier and more satisfied with your life... this is a real game changer.

If you have some tips to add to this list, leave them in the comments section!

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