Nabisco Cereal Cream of Rice, 14 Ounce Pack of 4

Cream of Rice is our 'go-to' pre and post-workout. Easy to make, quick and so easily and quickly digestable. And for those who are gluten-intolerant, they are gluten free as well. Try them now!

Trio Coconut Aminos Sauces- Calorie free

If you are a coconut lover, these three coconut-based sauces will be present in all your plates. The combination of sweet and savoury makes them so special, and calorie free!!

Nuts ‘N More Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Spread

Nut spread with birthday cake flavour and natural sprinkles, and all of that with over 30g protein in 100g product!! An amazing flavour, perfect to avoid binge-eating and keep with the diet!

High Protein Cereal - HighKey Healthy

Do you miss your bowl of cereals every morning?! These are your solution. Choose between the four flavours they have and enjoy your cereals without being guilty. And for a very low price...

French's 12oz Squeeze Mustard Variety 3-Pack

All-natural sauce to keep dieting without adding any extra calories. Perfect for hotdogs, potatoes, salads, or even rice plates. Try them all three and tell us which one is your favourite!!

Lakanto Sugar Free Maple Syrup

Get this sugar-free syrup and enjoy your pancakes without feeling guilty about the diet. And you won't miss the real maple syrup at all. Similar texture and flavour Give it a go and try it now!

Sola Sweet Oat Bread - High protein - No added sugars

Per slice you'll get barely 70kcal, no added sugars and 5g of protein. And all of that without losing any flavour nor texture. An amazing product you should try! Get three packs for around 10$.

Barebells High Protein and Low Carb Bar, 12 x 55g

Get these bars and enjoy a sweet treat while getting 20g of protein and no added sugars. Choose between over 10 different flavours. Now the question is, which one are you choosing?