Sensarte Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet - 9.5 Inch

Cook on a high-quality pan and don't ever excess of oil again. Nonstick, perfect for omelettes and sunny-side eggs, and what's best... easy to clean!! Get it now for less than $30

Harvard Plate TupperWare - Chef's Choice

The Harvard Plate is one of the best methods to stay healthy and keep your calorie intake without having to worry too much... and this is the perfect tool for that. Go and try yours!

Lekue Microwave Grill - 10 In x 5.7 In

This is going to become your best friend. It enables you to cook ANY kind of meat or vegetables witihin 3-5min. No oil or fat required. Easy to clean and preserves the flavour.  You won't regret!

Lekue 3-4 Person Steam Case With Draining Tray

As the Microwave Grill, this Steam Case will become your best buddy. Cook vegetables in the microwave without losing taste nor nutrients. And comes with a cookbook to try the best recipes!

NutriBullet - Nutrient Extractor - 600W

Combine your favourite fruits and vegetables and create amazing smoothies. Get creative and make use of this potent blender to enjoy your meals. Everything for less than $50!

Ultrean Air Fryer - 4l - 1500W

Don't use oil and keep enjoying the crispiness of fries, chicken wings or any other kind of food. With the use of hot air, you'll be able to "fry" your meals and enjoy them more than ever!

Lekue Microwave Rice, Grain & Quinoa Cooker

Cook and get ready your rice or any other grains without using any cooking gear. Ready in less than 10min and easy to clean. No oil is needed. Get it now for less than $30

5-Cup Mini Brew Switch Coffee Maker

Between you and me, 'fitness lovers' are addicted to caffeine... and what's better than coffee. Get the most out of coffee without losing a bit of taste, and with the best price on the market!!